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Anonymous asked:

I seen you at school today w yo sexi ass stay dodg a nigga


Anonymous asked:

you and Erica are the baddest y'all need get in my music video

Naaa I don’t do that.

Anonymous asked:

Your so pretty!! I love you

Thank yoooou!!

Anonymous asked:

I love how you stay lowkey and ain't always out like your homegirls because everytime I see them out I always ask about you

Lol I am in a relationship I believe that’s why

Anonymous asked:

You & your man are the cutest!!!!!!

Thank you! Thaaaaats my baaaaabyyyy

Anonymous asked:

You sure your bf treats you right cause I can buy you anything and everything ;)

Lmao BYE.

Anonymous asked:

U need to hop on the winnin team leave tht kavion nigga alone tht nigga is a bkitch tellin everybody u smashed the homie from six owe cripk nd tht u played cuhkz

Lol everyone always wants to start something keep your opinions and comments to yourself 😘

kerenkilla asked:



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